I am a woman with a story, that could only have been redeemed and written through the good work of Jesus and the pursuit of my heart by a kind and generous Father. This story wouldn’t be possible without the redemption and forgiveness that was provided for me on the cross and the continued hope that I can find in the gospel and what is intended for me within it. The fact that Jesus did not change my story but instead transformed the trajectory of it, has been the power that has fueled my heart toward Him and caused me to have the personal good news and desire to share that news with others. Everything is due to Him and belongs to Him, so I will move forward as a saved sinner within the privilege and gifting of my need and ability to repent, knowing that my mistakes will need to be continually covered by the work that has already been done. My perfection is not needed and my folly is not a liability to the kingdom, but rather an opportunity for strengthening and healing within His grace and mercy for me.

about Jessica

Two years ago Jessica was given vision of women joining together through a desire to experience a restored relationship with Jesus.  Through that time Restore came to be and an awareness of the healing needed for womens hearts in Him was laid upon her own. God has been good to pursue not only womens hearts through the message He has given her but her own,  helping her to believe that her own story is not a liability to the kingdom but opportunity to draw her further in.  

Jessica lives in Spokane, WA with her husband of nearly 15 years, Brian and her two children Elliot and Grace.  She is part of the body of SOMA Spokane and considers it to be her family of choosing. When not writing or speaking you will find her in her home cooking and enjoying family and friends through shared meals, laughter and worship. She considers this life to be a blessed one, full of all the things that have opportunity to pull us closer to Him.