Restore Gathering Friday, December 14  7:00- 9pm 

Hope Takes its Rise in Faith

Mary’s Story


Come and join us as we take a look at Mary’s Story on December 14th from 7-9 at the Jager’s House. Mary’s Story reveals to us a picture of deep faith and further reveals Gods abundant love for us as He shows us how to hope. There are moments, and seasons in life that bring great blessing but right along with them come a need for great sacrifice and at times even great suffering. We will look at Mary and her experienced reality, her heart and her desire. It’s my prayer that through this we may find ways in which we can relate our hearts to hers and see what it truly means to have faith as we are reminded of how God meets us with His presence, reminds us of our favor, and reveals to us His promises, all of which supplies us with the hope to look ahead, to move forward and to carry on our own journey.

The evening will go from 7-9 but we would love to encourage to show up early and stay late if you desire additional time to connect and enjoy one another’s company.

Things you could bring: a friend, your Bible, a journal, a pen and a snack or a beverage. Or just yourself, we aren’t picky;)

These gatherings are for all women, so this a great time to bring a friend, your neighbor or someone who is looking for connection.

December 14, 2018


3106 W Bismark Ave. Spokane, WA



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