But God

Yesterday I had a conversation with my son in which I proclaimed that he couldn’t possibly know the good intentions someone had for him because he didn’t understand what was to come for him.  I was attempting to teach him that we never know what is around the corner, but God does.  He doesn't know what the next chapter will look like because he hasn’t been there, but others have and they want what is best, so what seems to him to be excessive, unneeded care or concern is actually rooted in the knowledge of  what is to come.  

As I laid down last night, I reflected on the place that those beliefs and truths were rooted for me.  I know so little and it is not a reflection of my brain capacity.  I know so little because I was made to be dependant on the knowledge and wisdom of the Father.  I was made to need guidance, and within the knowledge that I would never know what is to come in the next chapter or what would be around the next corner.  That kind of knowledge and insight belongs to the Lord alone.  And so within that belief, I am called to rest, I am called to pray, I am called to trust and I am called to be obedient in a patient yet active way.

This truth has been paramount for me in light of the election at hand.  As a young girl,in my senior year of high school I took a government class from an exemplary educator; a woman who was passionate about her country, civil action and duty as well as our need and right to be engaged within the process.  She taught us that at the very least we should remain educated on the matters at hand and to be active in expressing our opinions and desires to the people placed in power.  If you know me I am some version of “apolitical meets conservative meets liberal”. This is not a well represented party;) I do not get myself wrapped up in the likes of politics because although they govern this world, they don't govern my heart. One of the main teaching points this teacher had, and what I think was possibly all that was available at the time, was an encouragement to vote according to which candidate best represents me. In past voting seasons, I have been able to do this to a point somewhat successfully. However, not this time.  I have pondered this much in the last months, as there is not a candidate available that best represents me and at times this has made my heart sink a bit; I have felt a little bit of my belief in this country die. But perhaps the real thing that is happened is that my belief is found elsewhere and it should never have been found in this country in the first place.

We have one hope and one God.  His supply to us has been sufficient.  And although we live in a country that  needs for an earthly rule we must remember that it is a result of the sin we have committed and now will suffer. And through that knowledge we are not only called but freed to lean into our heavenly and ultimate ruler, pleading for remembrance in the cross that is and will continue to be the ultimate source of our hope and rescue.  We were not meant or created to serve more than one God and in that command we must remember that a president is merely an earthly consequence and must be treated as such.  As my teacher taught, we do have much duty to choose a president that best holds this country, but our greater duty lies in allowing one God to hold our hearts.  Neither presidential candidate will ever be able to do that and in that belief, they are even less able to hold your hope.  

I do not know what is to come, much as my son does not know what is to come for him.  But just as he has been surrounded by others to love and to guide him, so have I; so have we.  Our God in  heaven supplied us with a constant hope and a constant rescue and a constant source for redemption through the blood of His son, who not only died but rose again with a promise that He would return. Furthermore, knowing that we could not do anything apart from His presence, He left us with His Spirit to guide and love through the knowledge and wisdom of His very own heart and mind with the ultimate understanding of what was to come.  And in that truth I can rest.  Because these candidates are far from what we need but God remains, still. And He has been and forever will be, what we need.  So for now we wait, knowing we can endure all things because He has and He will and we are not alone.  



Hallelujah what a savior.