my heart

My heart, my mission.  I have been asked where the fuel lies in all of this. If you know me well enough, you know that schedules and deadlines and long term planning and being tied down all really equal the death of me.  I like spontaneity. I thrive in the freedom of my day, asking God every morning what we should do.  And I love to just be in my house.  

There is one part of this that has remained.  I still wake up asking God what we should do every day.  It’s just these days it’s wrapped in the theme and mission of Restore.  

The heart for the mission of Restore is found in many places but there are a couple of passages in the Word where I think you could find some pretty significant definition, as well as propelling.  

In Isaiah 62, Isaiah is praying for Jerusalem.  In verse one, He says because He loves Zion he will not keep still, He will continue to pray for Jerusalem; he will not remain silent until her righteousness shines like the dawn and her salvation blazes like a burning torch. The wording here is mine, but the impact is evident regardless of translation.  Pretty passionate, right? A lot of drama and desperation to be found in those words.  I can relate with that feel.  As I write this next series and begin to focus on this next book, God continually shows me what I believe are the gates of heaven and all I want to do is sit in the doorway and welcome you all in.  As I write on Eden and the promises that are found within the themes of ransom, rescue and redemption, you can often catch me in the middle of the coffee shops I write in, weeping.  Not many people brave coming over to look at my mess of a face, but I get texts later saying, “I saw you at Indaba today, looked pretty intense.” “Saw you crying over your laptop today. Get it.” Let me just insert an invitation here- if you ever see me writing somewhere please come say hi….I can’t promise you won’t have to turn your face from the sight of my snot and tears but I can promise that I will happy to see your face! In the vision He has given me and the mission He’s welcomed me into, I can relate with the zeal that Isaiah had for Jerusalem. I don’t feel like there is even a choice remaining in my preaching, writing, or teaching. I know what He has for us and as I claim it for myself and pray for His return and the revealing of His glory, I plan on doing the same for each of you.  I will long for all of our restoration: the past, present and future hope we have.  This is my mission and my heart, all praise be to Him.