I wanted to take a bit of time to explain chains to those of you who didn’t join us for the 4 weeks of reflection this past spring.  I feel like God truly gifted me with a vision of His heart, an understanding of our sin and a view of our freedom in a way I had never seen it before.

Chains are best described as things that keep us from experiencing the goodness that God intended for us through the sacrifice of Jesus.  They are the things that we accept instead of the freedom that has been offered.  They all look different and behave differently.  Some are removable or are activated less often, where others act as a filter for how we relate to the majority of the experiences we encounter.  Yet they all come from a need to self protect from someone or something. Through them we meet our need be hidden, to be unknown, or support the feeling of being unknown. Of being too much or not enough, feeling unworthy or a need to prove. Maybe you feel unheard, maybe you relate as an orphan, a widow or the like-operating out of the themes and belief of abandonment. Maybe you feel unlovable or unwanted, maybe you feel a need to have it all together; to look good or to be perfect.

We take them into our relationship with Jesus, we take them into relationships with others.  They tell us what we can and cannot do.  They taint what we believe is intended for us and what isn’t.  They act as a thermometer for what we believe to be safe and what is dangerous or off limits.  And they cause us to attempt to “self-save” or look for ways to clean up our own mess.  

The existence of these chains is the major cause for our need for restoration.  And through His mercy and grace we are given this gift.  The gift of restoration is not earned through our own ability to be good; our availability, our knowledge, our strength or even our belief. It has been made available, has been carried out through the flow and power of the blood that He so graciously and mercifully gave for each of us.

Live in that friends. Be loved in that, friends, because it has the power to cut you free.  To break and burn your chains forevermore.